Fundamentals of Gaming & Esports [For Beginners]

This beginner course aims to equip the student with fundamental practical knowledge about the gaming and esports industries as well as information on career opportunities that offer much potential globally.

Playbook Academy · December 14, 2022

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The Subjects for Beginners :

Basic Esports Management ?

This subject gives the student an overview of the esports industry, with a focus on the various jobs and financial considerations involved in an esports organisation. The broad topic of esports management then branches out into specific lessons on the basics of esports marketing. The student will also take a look at the ins and outs of tournament management from the perspectives of industry experts who have had hands-on experiences.

Introduction to Professional Gaming ?

This subject equips the student with insight into what it takes to be a professional gamer. The student will be introduced to practical topics such as income sources, the soft skills required to succeed as well as holistic principles related to high performance as an e-athlete.

Insights into Game Development ?

In this subject, the student explores the art of creating a game at a foundational level, focusing on the basic process as well as the potential roles in it. The student learns the fundamentals of various fields in the game development industry, namely game design, game art, game sounds, and game coding, with the latter involving practical step-by-step tutorials on how to make their first game using the Unity
game engine.

What You’ll Learn :

Basic Esports Management ?
➔ Describe the origins and structure of the esports ecosystem and identify major stakeholders and key roles in the esports scene.

Introduction to Professional Gaming ?
➔ Establish the groundwork required to be committed to professional gaming.

Insights into Game Development ?
➔ Begin and continue the process of designing your own video game.

Our Mentors :

Matthew Chan teaches Overview of Esports

Matthew Chan has been within the esports ecosystem for over a decade, engaging almost all different aspects of the industry. From playing, coaching, and broadcasting, to being part of the management team of one of Southeast Asia’s biggest organisations, EVOS Esports. While engaged in the corporate side of the business, Matthew strongly believes in projects that develop talents in Malaysia and is extremely excited to share his knowledge.

Andrew Chen teaches Introduction to Pro Gaming

Andrew Chen is the Country Manager (Malaysia) at Crit Esports. Previously, Andrew was the Ex-Manager at EVOS Malaysia, Virtual Genesis Esports Team, and FrostFire Esports Team. His roles in EVOS Malaysia include team management and training, logistics, assisting with content creation with the marketing team, planning partnerships and sponsorships, and planning team budgets.

Shan Fei teaches Insights into Game Development

A passionate game developer with a Master of Science in Game Programming under his belt as well as over 15 years of experience and many awards in the field. In between his work in the video game industry, which included positions such as Lead Animator and Technical Artist, Shan Fei also took up an educator’s role as a guest lecturer in The One Academy, Malaysia, where he conducted lessons on advanced 3D animation for two years. He is also the founder and CEO of Why Knot Studio, a small indie game developer based in Malaysia.

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Brightstar Marketing
Posted 1 year ago

Great experience, The quiz make me open my mind for Esport knowledge and good explanation in video.

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