Frequently Asked Questions

EduPlay is a platform established to offer teens and youths in Malaysia and beyond an opportunity to learn and access knowledge behind interesting fields and industries. We strongly believe that education should be accessible and fun to everyone. At the same time, we want to provide courses and programmes that will cater to the needs of the workforce. Turn your passion into a profession!

There is a wide variety of courses in different fields on EduPlay, taught by industry experts and mentors that specialize in niche subjects. EduPlay also offers gaming and esports-related programmes through Playbook Academy. Please refer to the list of  Courses on our platform.

Anyone aged 15 and above can apply to this programme.
Most of the programmes we offer are conducted entirely online—only a few selected programmes require physical presence in the classroom setting. It would be best to have a computer/laptop or at least a tablet with stable internet connectivity for online classes.
Please refer to the respective programme sheet on the website or contact us.
Our payment page accepts all internet banking, credit cards, e-wallet payment and installments. Do contact us if you need different payment alternatives.
Most of the courses are self-paced, which means that you can take the classes at a time most suitable for you. Certain courses or programmes may require physical presence or a structured schedule. You may find this information for the courses you’re interested in on their respective pages in Courses or reach out to us!
All learning materials will be provided digitally.
All courses will have their own structure of assessment and certification. Please refer to the respective pages for more information. Alternatively, you may contact us with your queries.
Mentors and Academies that are mainly pioneers in the specific industry.
There are several activities that will earn you points on the leaderboard. These include logging in, posting at news feed, answer quizzes, and watch lesson videos. The number of points awarded for each activity varies based on its significance and level of engagement. The specific point values for logging in, watching lesson videos, taking quizzes, and posting on the news feed have been assigned to incentivize active participation and learning within the community.
You may reach out to us via the support portal or contact us.  Alternatively, you can send an email to support@eduplay.com.my